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Choosing Art with Mindfulness 

"The things we do to experience awe, wonder and beauty such as a walk in nature, losing oneself in music and beholding art, promote healthy levels of cytokines and have a direct influence upon health and life expectancy."

     - [ Dr. Kettner/Psychologist/UC Berkeley ]

From our experience, we have seen that art improves the quality of life. It is for this reason that Blue Lotus Art Gallery has created a strong retail platform to support Canadian creativity through  fine art, Indigenous carvings, posters and photography.  Blue Lotus Art Gallery is an inclusive, diverse and dynamic art space dedicated to provide the best in art and photography for your home and business. 


Online Orders Receive 30% Off!

  • Unplug and unwind with our beautiful collections of nature and city photography; check out award-winning Vancouver photographers such as Manfred Kraus and Chris Collacott.

  • Explore the soothing colours of our landscape with contemporary Canadian artists such as Robert Bateman, Fred Buchwitz, Max Jacquiard and Carol Evans.

  • Discover our rich collections of contemporary Indigenous art with North West Coast artist Richard Shorty and Cree artist Betty Albert whose work "215" was chosen to honour the residential school children.

Featured Artists

North Delta Watershed Park

Fred Buchwitz from North Delta, BC

Style: Contemporary luminism

The gathering

Richard Shorty

Style: Contemporary West Coast indigenous design

Tribe: Northern Tutchone Nation

Afternoon High Tide

Carol Evans from Salt Springs Island, BC

Style: Realism in watercolour 

Framing and Printing

We do custom framing for your much-loved art pieces so that you do not have to compromise on how it looks on your wall. With Blue Lotus Art Gallery, you get the framing you want. From providing custom frames for your art pieces to framing your unique collectibles, we are the framers you have been looking for! Read More.

The professionals at Blue Lotus Art Gallery can help you with printing too. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us.

We Do Custom Corporate Framing for Some of Our Regular Clientele Such As:

  • Willowbrook Chrysler Dogde Jeep Ram (Langley)

  • Surrey RCMP

  • GFL Environmental

  • Keystone Environmental Ltd

  • Ivanhoe Cambridge

  • Translink

  • Metro Transit Police

  • Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

  • Canada Revenue

  • City of Vancouver

  • City of Richmond

  • New Westminster City Hall

  • Jim Patterson Surrey

  • Beedie

  • Metropolitan Press

  • Wings

  • Nando's

  • Khalsa School

  • Stenberg College Surrey

  • Christ & Co. Law Corp.

  • Plaidfox Studio

Shop Online

We are glad to bring to you an online portal where you can find several art pieces from your favourite Canadian artists and make them yours with just a click. Bask in the joy of an aesthetic purchase. 

Visit the Gallery

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10355 152 Street

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Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Google Reviews

Best Art Gallery

“One of the best Art Galleries I have ever visited! I would definitely go back for more pieces”.

- Omar E.

Awesome Art Gallery

“I am so impressed by the service of an awesome art gallery. I ordered aluminum print and it was far beautiful than my expectations a lot that work ❤❤”

- Sukhvir K.

Friendly Staff

“Very friendly staff, helped me out with everything I needed. Made the shipping and delivery process very smooth and easy”

- Chandan V.

Nice Experience

“One of the best art galleries I've ever been to. Staff was very helpful and made my experience very easy and very professional.”

- Phil K.

Amazing Art

“Fantastic service, amazing art - these guys really really do care about the customers walking into their store! Thank you!!!”

- Vladimir K.

Spectacular Service

“I've been dealing with Blue Lotus art gallery for about 8 years now and have bought about 25 paintings from Brinda and Robert and there service has been nothing short of spectacular and have become my good friends. I just saw someone right a terrible untruthful review and then got there friends who have never been there to also write a bad review about them and there workers and there art gallery. Well let me tell everyone the real truth and set the record straight. They bend over backwards for everyone and give amazing deals all the time and will deliver your painting at no extra cost. They treat me like family as do their workers and if I see a painting I really like they will put it away for me and do a lay away plan for me. Here's a few pictures that I have bought from them and trust me if the service and prices were not out of this world I would not have bought 25 of them. To the people that wrote that slander review about blue lotus art gallery for no reason go get a life you disgusting people that have nothing better to do then tarnish someone's reputation after all the many years of hard work they have done and all the peoples lives they had touched and stop getting your friends to write false reviews that have never been to there store or talked to them.”

- Kevin A.

Impressed with the Service

“Over the past few years I have visited this business and have been impressed with the level of service, attention to detail and genuine desire to help customers meet their budget. After price shopping a couple of times with various shops including the big box shop with a 50% off coupon, I realized that there is no comparison. Excellent prices, excellent quality and impressive service that is bound to please even the biggest critic. Thank you Brenda and I look forward to my next visit!”

- Sarj S.

Excellent Job

“My oil painting was re-framed by this company. Besides re-framing, they added the gold fillet to make it more elegant and gorgeous! They did an excellent job. We are very satisfied with the look. The staff in both of the two galleries are very friendly and helpful.”

- Cliffwylie D.

stanley park

Add the Artistic Appeal

Beautiful artwork adds charm to the walls of your home and an aesthetic appeal to your decor.

tree in autumn

Artists You Love

Our art gallery features the work of all your favourite local Canadian artists.

Gautam Buddha with nice background

Mindful Art

We provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificent world of art.