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You have come to the right place. Our dedicated team will provide the professional care and commitment your project requires and will see it through completion in a timely manner.

The majority of our customers are repeat customers who consistently choose us as their most reliable picture framing and printing company in Vancouver and Surrey.

Nothing is too complicated for us to frame, from single custom to volume framing.

Your Favourite Local Art Gallery in Surrey Offering Framing, Printing and More

Beyond Artwork
custom framing/medals
jersey framing

We design, print and frame art on demand to create the look that resonates with your business philosophy. 

Willowbrook Chrysler Dogde Jeep Ram (Langley)
Surrey RCMP
GFL Environmental
Keystone Environmental Ltd
Ivanhoe Cambridge

We work closely with you to create the feeling of sanctuary you deserve in your home.

Below are tips on how to know what art to choose:

Mindfulness is the new way of choosing art. The one that speaks to your heart is not necessarily the one that will immediately jump to your eyes.

We are geared to look for the most popular art in, say, Vancouver or the best of Canadian art or the finest art in the world, but what is finest, best or most popular in art is highly subjective to each individual. We are all different.

Too many choices and too little time are overwhelming to the mind. We, therefore, invite you to approach art with mindfulness.

Mindfulness forces the busy mind to slow down, to pause, to breathe and reconnect to the present. Once the mind is calm and relaxed, you can pay better attention to what is in front of you.

You will notice details. You will start seeing art, instead of looking at art. Your mind and body will begin to respond to the mood of a picture, the nuances of colours, the form, lines and movements of a painting. You become more and more aware of the various emotions each imagery is evoking because you have now genuinely connected with art with an open and curious mind, without any judgment.

With this deliberate and mindful intention, the process of choosing art becomes an easy, enjoyable experience.

Allow yourself to “step inside” each painting and photography, slowly taking your time to observe and absorb.

Our online gallery was created with this mindful intention. Welcome!

Schooner Cove sunset


There are no shortcuts for quality. All our printing is done with our 64" wide, state-of-the-art, high-performance Epson printers, using a 10-colour archival ink pigment and advanced colour management technology.

We print on paper, canvas and aluminum Dibond.

Call us or email us for a quote.


During the pandemic, we had to make a quick decision in order to adapt our services to meet with the current market needs.

Since we deal with plexiglass materials for picture framing, we simply switched its use for making barrier shields.

We are very grateful to all the local businesses that trusted us. Here's a big shout out to some of you who supported us:

The Food Court at Guildford Town Centre

The Security and Customer service booths at Surrey Central Mall

Tsawwassen Mills Retail Carts

Willowbrook Chrysler Dealership Langley

Nourish Hot Yoga White Rock

Professional Nails Metrotown

Blenz Coffee Surrey

Chevron Richmond

Nando's Burnaby

Meat Garcha Abbotsford

Satya Asha Vegetarian Restaurant Surrey

Image Optometry Langley

TIrecraft Tsawwassen

Brothers Autobody Langley

Spinco Cloverdale

Yoga 360 Surrey

Sylvan Learning

Professional Nails Surrey Central

Chachi's Metrotown

Magic Cut Guildford

Magic Cut Vancouver

Chevron Langley

Triple O's Langley

Wings Coquitlam

Wings Abbotsford

Meat Garcha Surrey

Hula Poke Pacific Centre

Stenberg College Surrey

Khalsa Surrey

Image Optometry Surrey Central City,

Image Optometry Scottsdale Mall Delta

Synergy Hair Tsawwassen

From one local business to another – thank you.


Custom Picture Framing

We have fully-trained, in-house professional and experienced staff to take care of all your custom picture framing needs, and the capacity to handle both single or volume orders in a timely manner. 

Our specialty is in hockey jersey framing and shadow box framing. We also do computerized, multiple mat openings for medals, vintage sport cards and other unique collectibles.

We can frame your great grandfather’s veteran war medal, your aunt’s needlepoint, that original oil painting you bought in Cuba, your daughter’s grad pictures, your son’s baseball bat, your husband’s MasterChef Wusthof knife, that rice paper calligraphy art you got from a trip to China, your variety club Robert Bateman poster, and pretty much anything else.

You name it, we frame it.

custom framing


Framing protects and beautifies your artwork.

Each framing treatment is unique and customizable to accentuate your artwork.

Framing should not overwhelm or detract from the artwork. The best designs are simple and clean.


Please remember paper will expand and contract with humidity and heat.

Be mindful to avoid cold damp places like unheated garage, attic or crawlspace. It is also advisable to avoid long exposure to direct sunlight.

Basic standard treatment requires glass, matting and frame.

Recommended for originals, watercolours, awards and diplomas, photo prints, limited edition fine art prints.

Not recommended for canvas.

Modern treatment is mounting the print with a UV protective, moisture resistant and non-glare surface coating.

The print is then framed.

Recommended for large photographies and poster prints.

Not recommended for original works, uneven textured surfaces, canvases and official documents as this process requires permanent heat pressure mounting.


Canvas needs to be stretched around a wooded stretcher bars before hanging on your wall.

There are four ways to stretch a canvas:

  1. Gallery Wrap - where the image wraps around the sides of the stretcher bars. Bear in mind, you lose part of the image as it gets wrapped around the edges.

  2. Museum Wrap - where the white borders of a canvas image is stretched around the stretcher bars. The side edges are then taped black or white for a clean modern look.

  3. Studio Wrap - where the canvas is stretched with the sides exposing the staples. This is a preparatory step before framing.

  4. Mirror Edge Wrap - where the mirrored border edges of the canvas are wrapped around the stretcher bars just like a Gallery Wrap.

However, unlike the Gallery Wrap, the Mirror Edge Wrap doesn’t reduce the size of the image.

When printing on canvas, a mirror edge border is a more expensive option but well worth the investment as you get to enjoy the full image with the infinity look.


The depth of the stretcher bars varies, depending on the look you want to achieve.

All stretched canvas requires frames with a deep rabbet.

For a sleek contemporary look, a floater frame is recommended.


Canvas oil hand paintings that have been rolled up in a tube for a long time, with the image facing inside, may start cracking as the oil settles in. Cracking or tear lines will be more noticeable when the painting gets stretched. 

To prevent this, unframed oil painting must be stored flat, like an open rolled out carpet. When travelling in a tube, remember, roll the painting facing inside out. Never facing inwards.


Cloth paintings are notorious for having crooked edges.

Indian Rajasthani silk art, batik designs, needlework and cross-stitch are some examples of materials with crooked edges.

Call us to find how we can frame those for you.


Pastels are pretty but smudge and smear easy. The colours shed like dust and will flow in every other direction. Therefore special care and attention are required when handling pastels. A spray coating is added on top of the pastel to prevent colour shedding. The spray may darken the pastel colours.


Framing objects of sentimental value adds personality and uniqueness to your room.

From a design point of view, they bring dimension and texture to your home décor.

More and more people are framing items that have special meaning to them.

Quality Image Printing

All our printing is done with Epson printers, Epson materials and inks to ensure the highest quality in the market.

We offer three options for printing your image.

On paper

On canvas

On Aluminum Dibond

Please contact us for prices.


Make a powerful statement with our PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY PRINTING

If you love making memories with friends and family or if you’re a photographer, an interior designer or a budding artist, we have everything you need for the finest, professional quality, photographic and fine art printing.

We do single and large volume printing.

We print on canvas, paper and on Aluminum Dibond.

We print both in colour or black and white.

We specialize in large and small format printing. The smallest we print is 8”× 10” and the largest is 60" × 108”.

We use premium media exhibition, acid-free canvas and paper with archival fade-resistant inks.

Choose the best medium to get that wow factor:


this process is unmatched in its superior quality, high definition printing and durability. It gives an ultra modern and sophisticated look, best suited for high-end photography. It comes with a UV protective glossy or matte finish.

  • Price: $85.00 per sq/ft


cotton based with satin or matte or textured finish. Canvas is non-glare, absorbs light, giving a rich, soft and warm look to an image. This is ideal for portraits and family photos.

  • Price: $20.00 per sq/ft


the most economical medium for printing. It comes in a variety of styles - textured, matte, glossy or metallic paper. All paper types are of premium museum grade quality and are acid-free and lignin free.

  • Price: $15.00 per sq/ft

Call us or email us for discount framing and printing combo.

Now is the fun and exciting part! It’s as easy as uploading your file to us here.



Colours appear differently from one screen to the other. If you look at an image of a sky on your smartphone, and the same image of the sky on your computer screen, you will notice the colours look different. This is because viewing screens are backlit and therefore what you're seeing is not the correct or real colour of the image file.

To avoid this disappointment, we correct this discrepancy with our colour management software. The real colours of the file are then revealed and when the image is printed, it is exactly and faithfully as per the colours displayed on the computer.

This is one less stress for you not to worry about.

If you have a large file we recommend tiff on a USB or a pin drive.

For museum quality printing, we recommend a resolution of 300 DPI per image.

Your work or photography is safe and secure with us. We respect the privacy and rights of our customers.


Our 64"wide Epson printers are state-of-the-art, advanced, high-performance printers with a powerful colour management technology.

This colour management technology, as explained above, ensures that the original colour of your image file as displayed on our computer screen will be true and consistent with the colour printed out.

Each printer uses a 10-colour archival ink pigments, with multiple layers of grays and blacks producing an exceptional tonal density, amazing clarity, detail and accuracy, high resolution and unparalleled colour brilliance.

Call Us or Email Us for more questions.

604-497-1897 Guildford Town Centre 

778-293-1778 Surrey Central

Blue Lotus Art Gallery

Add culture and flair to your home; purchase the piece of art that speaks to you today.

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